12W/6W LED Wall Light Outdoor/indoor Waterproof Adjustable Light Cube COB LED Wall Lamp Porch Garden Wall Lamp Sconce Balcony Terrace Decoration Lighting Lamp AC 85-220V

12W/6W LED Wall Light Outdoor/indoor Waterproof Adjustable Light Cube COB LED Wall Lamp Porch Garden Wall Lamp Sconce Balcony Terrace Decoration Lighting Lamp AC 85-220V



Product Description

1. High quality led wall light, cold white light color bar looks comfortable, creating a clean lighting atmosphere.
2. Elegant design: using high-quality aluminum, super bright LED chip, excellent corrosion resistance, never change color. This wall light is very beautiful and sturdy. It is exquisite craftsmanship and perfect texture.
3. High-quality LED lamp beads: high lighting efficiency, no flash, soft light, eye protection. Energy saving and environmental protection.
4.12W Dimmable : Adjust you want the effect of the light. the whole height of Irradiation is 2M(up and down light)
5.12W Dimmable : Waterproof IP65 – It is also suitable for outdoor wall, best decoration for outdoor wall.
6.12W Dimmable : 500000 Hours. need’t change your wall light often.
7. Easy installation: wall / surface installation, install according to your preference.
8. Scope of application: Wall lamp, suitable for living room, bedroom, corridor, stairwell, restaurant, hotel, motel, shop, porch, office, bar, ktv and other indoor and outdoor lighting occasions and decoration

¨‹¡¾6W Non-dimmable¡¿:
Color temperature:
Warm White 3000-3500K
Cold White 6000-6500K
Power: 6W
Input voltage: AC85-265V ,50/60Hz
Shell material:Aluminum
Body color: White/Black
Size:100×100 x50 mm
Light direction: up and down
Light source: led cob lamp beads
Lighting area: 5-10 square meters
Style: modern simplicity
Installation type: wall-mounted
Light source: 2 led lamp beads
Waterproof: No

¨‹¡¾12W Dimmable¡¿:
Material: aluminum
Style: white shell waterproof dimming 12W, black shell waterproof dimming 12W
3W product size: 10 * 10 * 8cm
12W product size: 10 * 10 * 10cm
LED chip: COB
Process: sanding, painting, welding
Space: 3-5m2
Color rendering index: 80
Voltage: 85-220 (V)
Light color: warm white
Suitable space: family, hotel, shop, etc., bedroom, bedside, picture, aisle, corridor wall, etc.

*Light source characteristics:
1Using imported high-quality cob light source intelligent chip, green environmental protection and energy saving, no flicker, no radiation, high color rendering, strong heat dissipation, long life, low light decay, uniform light emission, high light transmittance, good light transmission effect year)
2. No flicker, natural light illumination, can obviously relieve eye fatigue, brightness and eye protection;
3. Energy saving, high brightness: imported LED light source, 50,000 hours quality test by authoritative organization

*Light body features:
1.Using high-quality ultra-thick aluminum, it is strong, durable, and not deformed.
2. After the layer-by-layer process control, the surface is polished and polished by Seiko, and then the high-temperature baking paint spraying treatment is repeated three or four times, and the painting process is completed to create a perfect texture. Exquisite baking paint process, not easy to scratch, fade, and never rust, the process restores the original smooth and shiny chassis, simple and modern, beautiful atmosphere;
3. Eye protection in structural design, scientific force, and more perfectly reflects the humanization of the design.

*Packing list:
1 X Led Light
1Bag X Screw accessories